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Bathtub Glass Enclosures

Stunning Bathtub Glass Enclosures in Vancouver

Beautiful and transformative, bathtub glass enclosures are a sleek statement. Shower Lagoon offers a complete line of bathtub glass shower enclosures, including frameless bathtub doors, bathtub glass panels, glass tub enclosures, and custom bathtub glass doors. Get standard, ready to-install bathtub glass enclosures, but if you need complete customization, that’s available too. We have it all in our collection, from fixed panel screens to hinged panel bathtub enclosures, the single door sliding tub enclosures, and double panel bathtub screens. They’re a great way to decorate or renovate your shower stall.

Features of Bathtub Glass Enclosures

Get the finest bathtub glass enclosures in Vancouver, designed, manufactured, shipped and installed by the best technicians.

  • Available in a wide range of designs and glass styles.
  • Watertight design, combined with expert installation prevents water leakage.
  • Enhances bath experience and reduces chances of slip and fall accidents.
  • Precise measurements and completely customized to suit your needs.
  • Made with high-quality glass and extremely durable.


Single Panel Shower Glass-1-scaled

Bathtub Glass Doors

Our top-quality bathtub glass doors can make your bathroom appear bigger and brighter

In-Line Shower Glass

Pivot Bathtub Glass Door

Complete with snug fitting to prevent water leakage and maintaining your privacy. Customization available.

Glass Showers & Doors

Sliding Bathtub Glass Door

Sliding bathtub glass doors are excellent in terms of style and functionality. Available in various styles of glass, ensures your privacy and minimizes noise.

orner Shower Glass

Frameless Bathtub Glass Door

Just what a modern bathroom needs. Frameless glass bathtub doors allow plenty of light into your bath space and are available in a range of designs.